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Flag-icon-512.png The new Production site is live! -012916 ba

  • Installed MsUpload plugin for uploading multiple files at once in 'Edit'
  • Navbar reworked, Club Programs now separate list-17Nov2015

Website issues to resolve & admin content to add

  • Assign access control to contributor accounts and lock edit permissions to only their Club Program page ON HOLD.
  • Get widget or similar function to display realtime SURISE/SUNSET data for Marlboro and add to section Firearms-Outdoor Range Rules
  • Create and tag pages with Categories? on hold, may not be needed
  • Fill in Contacts-Personnel content
  • Obtain digital copies of all Club forms and post online for downloading/printing/emailing
  • Extension to embed forms? (PDF, Word, et al) EmbedPDF extension installed for rendering inline PDF files, see 'New Features' above
  • Get someone to take newer better photos of facilities/upload/incorporate into site


Check-mark.png Renamed Navigation to General Info; Dropped Legacy Site link to last under More
Check-mark.png Righthand logo marquee/homepage link added to most main sections in TOC whitespace
Check-mark.png Less generic favicon created/installed - (Favicon-16x16.png).
Check-mark.png Linked Photo Galleries section icons to make them "Back to top of page" anchor links ([[#top]] anchor).
Check-mark.png Cleaned up Main logo shotgun buttstock and rod handle (before/after)
Check-mark.png Re-architected Template:SocialMediaTable to use HTML instead of wikitable markup to allow a borderless table.
Check-mark.png Visual queue added (Attention.png) for Firearms Range Rules sections & links, and emblazoned safety text.
Check-mark.png New logo version (includes newly stylized "Est. 1933")
Check-mark.png Port over all the images from the old site and add to Photo Galleries sections as galleries with captions (several hours) -021216
Check-mark.png Shrunk all calendars' height slightly. -020416
Check-mark.png Main logo redesigned, changed "Est. 1933" to "Assoc. Assn."
Check-mark.png Pagename/Section font changed in Mediawiki:Vector.css to family "Georgia, serif" to more closely match logo font
Check-mark.png Tools bar truncated; renamed to 'More'-30Jan2016
Check-mark.png Old site retired & parked at Banners for new site added to all legacy sections.-27Jan2016
Check-mark.png The new Beta site is live (Godaddy hosting) and accessible from -27Jan2016
Check-mark.png The new Beta site is live at (private hosting) -04Nov2015
Check-mark.png If approved, port over Beta site to production hosting server (currently on home PC and home internet connection) (several hours) -012716 ba
Check-mark.png Fix Database/Search (non-predictive) issue -FIXED AFTER SITE HOSTING WAS MIGRATED TO GODADDY DONE -012716 BA
Check-mark.png Find out all required info on current site hosting (MFG current admin, logins\passwords\URLs\current costs\cost increase?\etc.), & see about building new site (launching Site v.2.0) on hosted Mediawiki provider (GoDaddy?) -012516 BA/CC
Check-mark.png Check all ported links from old site for viability, remove dead links, update outdated ones
Check-mark.png Further add to Contributor:Help page (Include how to do basic edits of articles/sections, text formatting and image uploading/embedding?)
Check-mark.png Finish Contributor:Help section articles for Contributors to use to update their sections
Check-mark.png Sortable Personnel list in Contacts DONE -110415 BA
Check-mark.png Create/upload/enable favicon
Check-mark.png Create temporary useable MFG Logo in vector/resizable format DONE -110315 BA
Check-mark.png Port over all textual content DONE -110315 BA
Check-mark.png Fix Image thumbnail generation issue
Check-mark.png Reformat top left logo so it is readable
Check-mark.png Change top left logo Home link to link to Home page as to not redirect through Main Page
Check-mark.png Iconize each program's links under Club Programs. Use fullsize Icons also as Section right-aligned image marquee?
Check-mark.png Peel off/rename Help section and call that Contributor Help (protected from non-contributor viewing) and redesign existing Help for general site users?
Check-mark.png Go through site and Bold, Italic or underline important info, especially people names and contact info.
Check-mark.png Go through site and make sure section and subsection linking hierarchy is sound, add or combine sections as needed, make cross-links where useful
Check-mark.png New section just for forms or membership inquiries/info? Depends on quantity of forms and need.Instead created sidebar "Membership Info" and linked to Membership section of "Hours & Info" -122315 BA
Check-mark.png Create narrated videos, upload to Youtube, and link into Contributor:Help sections
Check-mark.png Create contributor logins
Check-mark.png Link important images to pages instead of the default (to their image files)
Check-mark.png Split off Contributor calendars into each their own gmail logins, update MFG calendars tags -122315BA
Check-mark.png Fix wrong timezone issue for timestamps -122415BA