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A bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work!


Fishing Committee Chairman: Jason Grimes
Call the Club At (508) 485-9739 for more information,
or e-mail


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Attention.pngClub Ponds Rules

As we are a private club with private ponds, no Massachusetts fishing license is required for members to fish at the club.
1. A Fish Badge is required to fish at any time of year in the 3 Club ponds. Cost is $10.00 for adult members, FREE for Junior members ages 10 to 18. Bring your membership card to the clubhouse to have your membership card punched & receive your badge.
2. Your current membership card must be carried on your person while using all club facilities and shown upon request by another member. You MUST also have the Fish Badge visibly displayed on your person while at the ponds.
3. Club ponds are for members' use only. No guests may fish at the club ponds. If you see someone fishing at the Club Ponds not displaying the badge above for the current year please ask them to see it & their membership card. If it doesn't look like the current year's color ask them to leave immediately.
4. There is a 3 trout per day limit per member. If you bring your spouse & kids, which you are encouraged to do, you are limited to 3 fish for the whole group not each person unless your spouse & kids are also members.
5. Trout are stocked for catch & keep. You may throw back a trout that was only lip hooked as they will probably survive. All bass must be released immediately as we are trying to increase their population in the ponds for everyone to enjoy. Other species you may keep if you wish.

Mass. Fishing Seasons & Limits


2019 MFG Adult Fishing Derby

DATE: TBA, 2019
Sign up starts at 7 AM at the shack. Derby hours are 8 AM - 2 PM. Cost is $10. Prizes will be awarded after end of derby at 2 PM. Any Full voting, Spouse or Junior member 14 & over can fish in this derby. Junior members 13 & under can fish in the 2019 MFG Kid's Fishing Derby.

2019 Disabled Veteran's Fishing Derby

DATE: TBA, 2019
Every year in May the Marlboro Fish and Game holds its annual Disabled Veterans' Fishing Derby. We provide a day of fishing, food and soft drinks to over 200 men & women from Veteran's facilities from all over the state. The club provides this day of enjoyment for the Veterans with the help of members and the donations from thankful people from the local area. We can use all the help we can get. This derby is the only time a lot of these vets get out and enjoy the outdoors. It is a day of fulfillment for them as well as the members who donate their time and efforts to make this day possible. Call the Club at (508) 485-9739 and ask for information on what you can do to help the Veterans who gave so much. We are now receiving donations for this years' derby. Any amount will help. Thank you to those members of the Eagles, the American Legion, the Italian American Vets, and the Members of the Division of Fish and Wildlife who bring all the fishing rods & equipment & all the bait & help make this day possible.

2019 MFG Kid's Fishing Derby

DATE: TBA, 2019
Bring the kids down for a fun day of fishing. Open to any Full or Non Voting Spouse members children & grandchildren & Junior members up to age 13. Kids 14 & over are welcome in the Adult Derby. We stock the ponds with lots of trout so there are plenty to catch all day. Derby begins at 9 AM & ends at 2 PM. Free food & drinks for the kids all day. You can come anytime during those hours & stay as long as you like. Lots of prizes for different age groups.

NOTE: There is a new rule put in place by the Fishing Committee to make the Kid's Derby as fair to all kids as possible. Adults may help the kids bait the hook, cast the line & remove the fish once landed, but the child must be able to reel in & land the fish on their own.

Fish Badges

We have Fish Badges again this year. The older members will remember when we had them every year. You must have a badge displayed on your person to fish at any time of year at the 3 club ponds. They are available at the clubhouse every day. Just bring your current year's membership card, see the bartender to get your badge & have your card punched. Cost is $10. for Adult voting & Non voting spouse members. Junior members are free. Fee goes to buy the trout for our stocking program so you have fish to catch.

Letter of Thanks

Pudge 2.png
I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all members to thank our former Fishing Committee Chairman Paul "Pudge" Brodeur for all the dedication he has shown to the betterment of the Fishing program at the club for many, many years. I have seen, as have all members, the hours of work he has put into the pond upkeep & the set up for & running of the various derbys that we host at the club every year. There is a vast amount of behind the scenes effort that goes into getting donations to help pay for the stocking of the ponds, making sure we have food & beverages & people to help for the Disabled Veterans Derby & other events. I would also like to recognize Nancy Brodeur, his wife, for being instrumental in helping Pudge get everything done & also being there working for every event making sure they come off perfectly. Pudge has been a great asset to the club in other ways as well.

I have seen him there on the coldest days helping the Archery Committee set up for 3D shoots, helping work on the firearms ranges & he was right in there when we renovated the function hall. Painting & helping out wherever needed. He also somehow had time to serve on the club Executive Board helping to make the club better for every member. So, if you see Pudge around the club, take the time to say thank you for all the years he put into the club. It is members like him & his wife that make up a healthy & thriving club. It is with members' dedication & hard work like his that we have been able to make your club a standout in the area for sportsmen & their families.

Russell Deneault
Marlboro Fish & Game Assn.