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"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." -Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie

This is the Help page for site contributor use. Looking for general site help? Try Help.
Mediawiki help site -


Changing the Events Calendars

The Events calendars are not managed directly from within the MFG site. Instead, they are powered by Google's gmail calendars, and then made viewable from the MFG site. This is called 'extensibility' and allows the MFG site to simply pull the Calendar data down and display it as if it actually exists on the MFG site. This means all editing of the calendars is done from within the Gmail website (login required). Below outlines this process.

The contributors' Gmail accounts have individual calendars for all Programs; Fishing, Archery, Firearms, Hunting & Functions, as well as the General Events calendar called "Marlboro Fish & Game Events". Most of the time the event will fall under one of the program calendars.

Below shows all calendars, but each contributor should only see their respective calendar color in the left hand Gmail navigation bar as shown in the screenshots below. They are correspondingly colored in the MFG site Events Calendar renderings of them.

Logging in to Gmail Calendars

1. Login to with username: your MFG Gmail login and password ********** (request this password) Link not working? Simply email and state your name and which calendar you are a contributor for.
2. Once logged in, on the top-right, click the "Google Apps" button that looks like a grid of squares:

3. Choose the app for "Calendar" if it doesn't automatically bring you there, this will put you in the calendars section which contains the Program Calendar where you can add, delete or change calendar entries (2 pics below).
Googlecalendar.png ...opens... Googlecalendaroverview.png

Adding New Events to the Calendars

1. Click in the calendar on the day you want your event on, name your event and click Edit Event

2. Configure the event:
A. Name the event carefully

B. Set the date and time. For all day events you can instead check All day. If you wish to create a series of a single event type, like a weekly meeting for a Program, explore the Repeat... options.

C. Set where the event will take place. If entered properly the Google predictive search will often show the search results, you should choose that so it adds location information from Google to the event.

D. Important Choose the proper calendar for whichever Program your event is for. The example shows the general clubhouse calendar used.

E. Add a detailed description of the event if able. This will show in the popup in the MFG Events Calendars for the event when clicked on.

F. Important Never change the Visibility to Private. It will prevent the event from displaying on the MFG Calendars.
"Save" at the top above A..

Editing Existing Events on the Calendars

Simply click on the event in the Gmail Calendar and choose Edit event >> and then follow the A-F screenshot from above to configure the event.

Deleting Events from the Calendars

Click on the event you wish to delete and choose Delete event. If you delete it by mistake Google lets you undo it.

Logging out of Gmail

This is important especially if you use a different Gmail account for personal use, since most people have sites remember their login info.

1. On the top right again, click the dropdown arrow next to and then choose "Sign out" like the picture below.

Changing Page Content

Watch the video tutorials below to help walk you through changing the text-based content of your respective contributor sections.

Log in to the MFG Site

Before any changes can be made, you must make sure you are logged in with your contributor account by clicking "Log in" on the top right of the site. If you have forgotten your password click the Forgotten Password link under the login area which will send a reset code to your registered email address. If you forgot your MFG login to reset your password or are stuck, email and request help.

Edit a Page Section

  • See also: Test Page (to safely try out wiki markup changes)

Videoplaybutton banner.jpg - Watch the "Edit a Page Section" video on YouTube
1. Find the section you want to add to or change the existing text content. On the right hand side of it, click the "Edit" link. To edit the entire page, choose the Edit link on the top right tab alongside "Read" and "View History" instead of the edit link next to the section. Editing the entire page will allow you to change section layout and all section content in one larger view in the markup pane.

2. Now look at the text in the markup pane shown. Find the text that you wish to replace, and proceed to change it as you see fit being careful to preserve line spacing and other formatting tags if you can. If you want to make the text appear across separate lines simply press enter two times, the website rendering engine will display it as a single line space after you save your changes. You can also put the following tag on the end of the line to force a line break, this is <br>

3. If you want to make the text bold, enclose the desired text to be bolded with 3 single quotes on each end of the sentence,
for example:

'''your bolded text'''

will produce:

your bolded text.

If you want to make the text italics, repeat the process as above for bold, instead using 2 single quotes wrapping the text, so ''your italicized text'' will produce: your italicized text.

If you want to make the text bold & italics, repeat the process as above, instead using 5 single quotes wrapping the text, so '''''your bold & italicized text''''' will produce: your bold & italicized text.

For example:

'''your bolded text'''<br>
''your italic text''<br>
'''''your bolded & italic text'''''<br>

...will produce:

your bolded text.
your italic text.
your bolded & italic text.

Save Changes!

Creating Page Sections and Sub-sections

  • See also: Test Page (to safely try out wiki markup changes)

Videoplaybutton banner.jpg - Watch the "Creating Page Sections" video on YouTube
To add a section or sub section of a page, the text wrappers are double equals signs or ==Section Name==.

To make a sub section of an existing section that will automatically be nested underneath the parent section, use triple equals signs as the wrappers- ===Sub Section Name===, or 4 equals, 5 equals, or 6 equals signs for increasingly deeper sub sections. You can use combinations of sections and sub sections for more complex page designs. Using sections is important because each page table of contents is automatically generated from the sections defined by the equals sign tags.
Avoid using single equals signs tags as that creates the heaviest font size generally reserved for page titles.
Examples of Section and Sub Section Nesting:
The following wiki markup will produce what is shown at the bottom of this section once saved and the page reloaded:
==Test Section 1==
==Test Section 2==
===Test Section 2.1===
====Test Section 2.1.1====
=====Test Section
======Test Section
Save Changes!

Will render as below, notice the Table Of Contents generated:



Saving Changes

  • See also: Test Page (to safely try out wiki markup changes)

Videoplaybutton banner.jpg - Watch the "Saving Changes" video on YouTube
After any of these changes always save at the bottom, or if you are unsure, choose "Show preview". This allows you to check how the page will display before saving. Even if you mess up, old versions of the same page can always be reverted back to, so don't worry.

Gallery Editing Instructions

Adding Photos or Videos to the Gallery

To add pictures (and sections/sub-sections) to the Photo Galleries Page follow this process:
NOTE: When uploading pictures, ensure they are no larger than 3500 X 3500 pixel resolution. Crop or scale them smaller than this (for both X and Y dimensions) before uploading otherwise thumbnail auto-generation will fail.
Also, most modern phones/cameras allow you to specify the resolution before taking pictures, or editing them afterward to reduce their size.
You will know the image size is too large when you get the error "Error generating thumbnail".

Beforehand: Download the files (pictures) from your phone/email/wherever to the computer you will be doing the below steps on. A desktop or laptop is recommended, but it could be done on a phone/tablet. Note the location you save the pictures to for example My Documents > My pictures or C: or wherever.

1. Login to MFG with your admin acct (mfgadmin)

2. Go to the Photo Galleries section

3. Scroll down the page to the Hunting main section, then find the sub-section we created together: Africa 2016 Hunting Trip

4. Choose "[edit]" directly right of the sub-section

5. Examine and understand the existing syntax. All you will be doing is adding a line of text for each file that says, for example: "" obviously is a variable, which will change to be the filenames of the files you upload later.

6. Input the exact filenames of the pictures with "image:" prefixing each (I am not sure if they are case-sensitive, but match cases to be sure for example if it's FileName.XyZ make sure to input that exactly, not, copy/paste if you know how )

The sourcecode requires the extension at the end so the xyz is usually a 3 character extension like.jpg or .png or .tif .gif or occasionally .jpeg, or whatever format they are in. Windows may be hiding this extension from your filename, but I assure you the file does have an extension, you can see this by right-clicking the file > Properties, "Type of file:" - see screenshot below. (Tidbit: You have heard of MP3 files I am sure, that name stems from their extension format of .mp3)

7. After you enter all the filenames, hit Save. The page will reload and you will see your filenames as a link, but no actual picture, do not panic. This is because you have not yet uploaded it.

8. Click the first link you created, this will bring you to the file's page, then choose "upload it" (pic)

9. Do the 3 steps (A,B,C):

A: Choose File
B: Browse to your file (where you saved your pictures to beforehand), select it; Open
C: Upload file


9: Be patient, if the file is large the upload may take a few seconds. It should automatically open the file in the file page when finished.

10: Done! Reload the Photo Gallery page, and check your work. It should now display the picture in the gallery instead of the link to the file page. Repeat steps 6-9 for all your pics.

Deleting Photos or Videos from the Gallery

TO DELETE AN IMAGE FROM GALLERY: Simply remove the entire line in the edit sourcecode, for example delete "image:undesiredfile.jpg"

ALWAYS LEAVE FORMATTING TAGS: "===Africa 2016 Hunting Trip===" & "<gallery mode=traditional showfilename=true>" & "</gallery>" & "<hr>"

Don't worry about messing anything up, we can always revert any sourcecode back to before you changed anything.