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::'''APRIL 1, 2018'''<BR>
::'''APRIL 1, 2018'''<BR>
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BYLAWS AMENDED 4/1/1995, 4/1/1996, 4/1/2002, 3/25/2003, 3/28/2006, 3/27/2007, 3/25/2008, 4/28/2009, 4/1/2010, 4/1/2011, 4/27/2012, 3/26/2013, 4/01/14, 04/01/15, 03/31/16, 04/01/17, 04/01/18.

APRIL 1, 2018

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Objectives of the Marlboro Fish & Game Association:

We, the members of the Marlboro Fish & Game Association, Inc., are organized for the following purposes:

1. To assist in maintaining and restoring our fish, game, and natural resources in line with conservation;
2. To promote the interest in legitimate sport with rod, gun, bow, and trapping;
3. To promote the good will and sportsmanship of our members;
4. To encourage adherence to the laws established for the protection and propagation of fish, game, and natural resources within our Commonwealth;
5. To assist in promoting and supporting legislation which will benefit our mutual interest through affiliation with the National Rifle Association and Gun Owner’s Action League;
6. To promote the respect for the rights of farmers and other landowners;
7. To train, promote and educate its junior members and other community youth regarding the safe use of firearms, the rights of landowners, the laws of the Commonwealth and to promote the enjoyment of the outdoors; and
8. To educate sportsmen in the benefits to be derived from membership in strong local, county, state and national organizations.


The name of the Association shall be the Marlboro Fish & Game Association, Inc. and shall be further be referred to as The Association.


This organization shall be a non-profit organization as defined under Chapter 180 of the Massachusetts General Laws.


Section 1 - Dues and Fees

A. Dues will be determined for all memberships each year at the October Executive Board meeting, which will be held just prior to the regular membership October meeting. Any dues changes will be voted on at the October General Meeting.

B. Any dues or fee changes will be voted on at the October General Meeting.

Section 2 - Full Voting Member

A. Any person having passed his or her eighteenth (18th) birthday and subscribing to the objectives of The Association may become a member with full privileges upon approval of their application and payment of then current dues.

B. That adult person must oblige The Association of eight (8) hours of volunteer work or elected or appointed duties annually. See Article III Section 4 – Obligation to the Association.

Section 3 - Junior Member

A. Any person having passed their tenth (10th) birthday and who has not yet reached their eighteenth (18th) birthday and who subscribes to the objectives of The Association may become a Junior Member upon approval of their application and payment of then current dues and/or applicable fees.

B. Junior Members may attend Association meetings but are ineligible to vote, hold an elected office, or chair a committee. However, Junior Members may serve on certain approved committees that do not concern legal, policy, and/or procedures.

C. Any person who is currently a junior member in good standing and has reached his/her eighteenth birthday will be upgraded to a full voting member at no additional charge for the remainder of that calendar year. Dues for the following year will be charged at the full voting membership rate unless that person is attending college full time or is an active member of the military.

Section 4 - Non-Voting Member

A. The spouse of a member meeting the requirements to Article III Section 1 or 5, having passed his/her eighteenth (18th) birthday and who subscribes to the objectives of The Association may become a non-voting member upon approval of his/her application and payment of then current dues and initiation fees.

B. Non-voting members may attend Association meetings but are ineligible to vote, hold an elected office, or hold a permanent committee chairmanship. However, Non-Voting members may serve on certain approved committees that do not concern legal, policy and/or procedures.

C. An outstanding individual may be chosen by the Executive Board to be given a one-year honorary membership to The Association, which will give him/her full privileges, without voting. (Will not have a vote).

D. Social Member Maximum. The total amount of Social members shall not exceed 20% of the total of full and life memberships in the Association. (See Section 12 (F) for description of Social Member).

Section 5 - Obligations to the Association

A. All adult, full voting members that meet their obligation to the Association shall receive a deduction of $50.00 in the following year’s dues. In order to receive that deduction eachmember must serve on any committee or combination of committees for a total of eight (8) hours. To satisfy this obligation the member must complete one or more of the following:

The work obligation to The Association may be met by:

  • Attend any number of general meetings of the Association for which the member shall receive one (1) credit hour per meeting – (The original induction meeting may not be counted as one of these meetings);
  • Serve in any elected position with the Association;
  • Serve as the chairperson of any standing committee (See Art.XIII – Duties of the Standing Committees);
  • Serve on any standing committee or combinations of committees with written acknowledgement of Committee work by the chairperson;
  • Serve The Association on a special committee or assignment created by the President.

B. The Executive Board may excuse a member from his/her obligation, under this article, after meeting with the member and hearing all available information relative to such a request. Said request for a waiver under this section shall be made in writing to the Executive Board. The Board’s decision is final.

Section 6 - Life Members

A. A full voting member, upon reaching the age of sixty-five (65), may retain his/her Membership without further payment of dues provided he/she remained in good standing the previous five (5) years. A full voting member, upon reaching the age of seventy (70), may retain his/her membership without further payment of dues, provided he/she remained in good standing the previous year.

B. A full voting member, sixty (60) years or older, having been a member in good standing for the last five (5) years, may purchase a life membership for the fee of an amount equivalent to three (3) years of full membership dues payable after January 1. Members over sixty (60) years of age are exempt from paying any initiation fee. If a member over sixty (60) years of age has met the eight (8) hours work rule for the preceding five (5) years then the three (3) year life membership fee shall be based on that lower rate, not the full three (3) year rate.

C. Life members are not obligated to meet the 8 hour work obligation to The Association.

D. The spousal member of a voting full life member upon reaching the age of sixty-five (65), may retain his/her membership (Spousal Life Non-Voting Member not a Full Voting Life Member) without further payment of dues provided he/she has remained in good standing the previous five (5) years. If a Full Voting Life Member should pass away, please refer to Section 6: Deceased Members A thru D.

E. Full voting, life members shall pay a nominal fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to cover the costs of membership cards, Club associated mailings, such as, but not limited to the Club newsletter and business notifications. This fee would not apply to non-voting, spousal life members. Life members who choose to fulfill the eight (8) hours work rule shall not be required to pay this fee.

Section 7 - Deceased Members

A. Should a full voting, life member pass away the Association shall be allowed to offer the surviving spouse of that member a life membership provided the following exist:

a. The deceased member was a member in good standing at the time of his/her death;
b. That the surviving spouse is currently a member in good standing; shall be given a life membership in the category of membership he/she is in at the time of the death of the spouse.

B. The surviving spouse may elect to raise his/her level of membership at this time. He/she may do so, however, he/she must pay the difference between the two (2) levels ofmembership.

C. Should the surviving spouse decide to upgrade his/her membership they must be able to satisfy the one (1) year rule regarding membership as a full voting member prior to running for any elected office or position.

D. A majority vote of the members in attendance at a monthly meeting shall be required to allow this action to take place.

Section 8 - Military and College Member

A. Any member in good standing who enters the military service may retain his/her membership without further payment of dues until the year following discharge. This section shall only apply when the member is assigned full time under military service for a period of more than 90 days out of the calendar year and this service is not the member's regular career.

B. Any member in good standing who is enrolled full time to an accredited university or college may retain his/her membership without further payment of dues until the year following graduation. This section shall apply only up to five (5) years in the school, but in no case shall it apply past the calendar year that the student turns the age of twenty-five (25).

Section 9 - Renewal of Dues

A. Bills for the annual dues will be mailed out in November to all members. Annual dues must be paid by February 1st.

B. Members whose dues remain unpaid on February 1st shall forfeit their membership.

C. Any member who fails to renew his/her membership before April 1st. of any given year shall be assessed a $25.00 reinstatement fee.

Section 10 - Application for Membership

A. Membership application shall be submitted to the Membership Chairperson one (1) week prior to the regular monthly meeting.

B. Applications accepted for membership after October 1 will be considered paid members for the following year and will be allowed full use of The Association’s facilities during the months of October, November and December.

Section 11 - Approval of Applications

A. All applications for membership shall be acted upon at the regular monthly meeting of The Association. All applicants (except juniors) and their sponsor shall be present at the meeting during which the application is presented to the body. No applicant shall be accepted as a member if he or she is not present unless prior arrangements have been made with the Membership Chairperson of The Association.

B. All members upon being accepted into the Association shall be given a copy of the Association bylaws at their meeting of acceptance.

C. If the member is not sponsored by a current member then the applying member shall have a short interview by the Chair or vice-chair of the Executive Board prior to being accepted. The membership form will have a notation on it as to who conducted the interview.

Section 12 - Definition of Members

A. The word "Member" shall be construed to mean a member in good standing.

B. A member shall be considered in good standing for one (1) full year that meets the requirements of Section 1 through 9 of Article III.

C. Definition of "Member in Good Standing"

1. Timely payment of annual dues
2. Their personal expertise in whatever capacity to The Association to the extent that their contribution benefits the Association
3. Their behavior is in the best interest of The Association

D. Guests: Any guest of a member after attending the private areas, ranges etc. must apply for membership upon the fourth visit to the club with a member. Guest visits are not counted when the guest attends a function deemed to be open to the public and in an area normally open to the public on that occasion. These occasions would include club- sponsored functions. Members of other Fish and Game or Sportsman's clubs are considered guests without any limit on visits. However, they must be accompanied by a current member of the Marlboro Fish and Game. Additionally they must sign the guest book and show proof of current membership in their home club. These visits are limited to the lounge and function areas of the Clubhouse unless other areas or activities are authorized by other existing rules and committees.

E. Membership types

1. Full Voting Member as described in Section 1
2. Junior Member as defined in Section 2
3. Non-Voting Member as defined in Section 3, also referred to as Spousal Member
4. Life Member as defined in Section 5
5. Military or College Member as defined in Section 6
6. Social Member as defined in Paragraph F below

F. Social Member -

1. A Social Member is any person over the age of 21 that has submitted a Social Membership application and paid annual dues.
2. Social Members are excluded from the use of the Indoor and Outdoor Ranges and Fish Ponds for the purposes of shooting or fishing.
3. Social Members are not permitted to attend any business meetings unless specifically requested by the Board of Directors.

Section 13 - Member Responsibilities

A. No individual, member, or guest shall be allowed to carry a firearm of any kind, whether loaded or unloaded, under normal circumstances in the following areas of the Club and grounds:

1. The interior of the Clubhouse
2. The outside deck area off the members lounge
3. The pavilion area and adjacent grounds

B. The showing or display of firearms or other weapons is allowed in the Clubhouse for specific reasons such as sale, raffles or repair as long as the firearm(s) is immediately secured before and after such purpose in the Club gun safe. The firearm(s) or weapons must remain secured as long as the owner remains in the Club. They may be retrieved only when the owner is leaving the grounds. While on display no firearm or weapon shall be loaded. If multiple firearms or weapons are involved in a showing or display for any purpose they must be under the immediate control of the owner at all times and must be removed from the Club or designated area immediately after such a showing or display has concluded. All persons, showing, displaying or selling any firearm must be properly licensed under Massachusetts and/or Federal law.

C. The President may authorize or designate other areas within the Clubhouse or upon the grounds where firearms may be kept, displayed or offered for sale. Under this section the owner of the firearm(s) must keep them under his/her immediate control at all times. The President shall immediately notify the Board of Directors, in writing, of any such authorization.

D. These exceptions must be reviewed and approved by the Board at the next regular scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.

E. This section shall not apply to on duty police officials authorized under law to carry a firearm.

F. Violations of any portion of this section shall be investigated by the Executive Board. After complete and thorough review of all pertinent facts and information the Board shall render its decision and provide for proper and reasonable disciplinary action.


Section 1 - The Operation Fund

The general fund shall be used for expenses such as salaries, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and improvements to buildings, grounds, equipment and the propagation and conservation fund.

Section 2 - The Propagation and Conservation Fund

A. The purchase and/or rearing of such fish, fowl or game as The Association agrees upon.

B. The maintenance of the fish-rearing pools, fowl-rearing pens, and other game rearing.

C. Conservation education including scholarships, Junior Conservation Club, hunter safety programs, and landowner-sportsmen relations.

D. Maintenance, restoration & provision of wildlife cover, habitat & feeding areas.

E. A fish badge needs to be purchased for a fee determined by the Fish Committee for all members who wish to fish on the premises of The Association. The funds received are to be used for fish propagation, purchasing of fish, pond improvement and pond maintenance only.

F. For the purpose of this section “button” shall mean, badge or other association means of proof of purchase of a fee to fish the Association ponds. This button, badge etc., shall be displayed while at the ponds fishing under your membership. Any fee change imposed by the Fish Committee shall take place at the January meeting only and must be approved by the Board of Directors.

G. An exception to Subsection E may be granted by the Board of Directors for charitable/nonprofit organizations such as, but not limited to, disabled veterans organizations or groups and Scouting organizations. Such exemptions shall be voted on as requested.

Section 3 - The Building Fund

The building fund shall be used for enhancement to The Association assets and maintenance of the Clubhouse and/or grounds.


Section 1 - Elections

A. The annual election shall be held on the day of the October meeting of the Association. Voting shall be between 3:00pm. and 7:00pm. by ballot.

B. The Membership Secretary shall ascertain that each member voting is in good standing, issue each member a ballot, and indicate in his or her record book that the member who received a ballot is entitled to vote.

C. The Association will provide absentee ballots to those members who are incapacitated or out of town at the time and date of the election. They must show proof of incapacitation or that they will be out of town. Ballots will be sent to those requesting them or may be picked up from the chairperson. However, all absentee ballots must be mailed back to the Association address to the attention of the Membership chairperson. All ballots must be postmarked at least five (5) days prior to the Election Day. All ballots must be kept in their original packaging and secured until 7:00pm on the election night by the Membership chairperson.

D. Installation of newly elected officers will take place at the conclusion of the of old business and coincide with the start of new business at this December meeting.

E. Whenever the Club treasurer vacates that office either by choice or by other means he/she may be required to attend, at a minimum, the next two (2) audits of the treasure’s accounts. Such requirement may be extended, by the Audit Committee, if deemed necessary for the good of the Association.

F. When prior to the annual election a vacancy of the President and the Vice President occurs then the Treasurer shall assume the temporary duties of acting President. Further that if there is a vacancy of the same two positions and the Treasurer position, the acting office of President will be assigned to the Chairman of the Executive Board. Further the acting position(s) shall become a temporary position after consideration of any applicants for the position(s) and a vote of the Board of Directors. The position(s) shall then be active until the next annual election in October. Further that these acting and temporary positions are not considered to be an elective position clarified under our bylaws and will not prevent an already elected officer from holding that position until the next regular election..

[Note: If only the President’s office is vacated it is already directed by the bylaws that the VP will take charge.]

Section 2 - Definition of Officer

The word “Officer” shall be construed to mean a member holding one (1) of the following offices: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary, NRA/GOAL Secretary, M.C.L. (Middlesex County League), W.C.S.L. (Worcester County Sportsmen’s League), and the five (5) elected members of the Executive Board.

Section 3 - Officers

The officers to be elected at the annual meeting of a term of two (2) years shall be: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary, NRA/GOAL Secretary, M.C.L. (Middlesex County League) and the W.C.S.L. (Worcester County Sportsmen’s League). For a term of three (3) years there shall be elected one member for each retiring member of the Executive Board.

Section 4 - Elected Delegates

There shall be elected for a term of two (2) years two (2) delegates and two (2) alternates to the Middlesex County League of Sportsmen’s Club, one (1) delegate to the Massachusetts Wildlife Federation, one (1) delegate to the Worcester County Sportsmen’s League; one (1) delegate to a Massachusetts affiliation with the N.R.A., (i.e., G.O.A.L., Massachusetts State Rifle and Pistol Association, or other organizations with shooting interests). The runner-up in each of the above elections shall be considered the alternative delegate.

Section 5 - Elected Officer Nominations

A. Only an eligible member shall be allowed to hold an elected office. A member shall be considered to be eligible if the following exist:

1. The individual has been a full, voting member of the Association for at least one (1) full year prior to the election;
2. The member is in good standing (Ref: Art. III Sec.10) and has been for the previous year;

B. An eligible member may be nominated and placed on the ballot for only one (1) elected position.

C. An eligible member may not hold more than one (1) officer’s position at one time.

D. An officer may be nominated, elected and accept a different officer’s position, however, if elected he/she must vacate his/her position prior to taking office in the new position, but no later than December 31st. of that election year. Should that move create an opening in the position vacated then that position shall be filled in accordance with Article VII, Sect. 2.

Section 6 - Nominating Committee

A. At the August Board of Director’s meeting the Board of Director’s shall nominate five (5) members to act as a nominating committee whose duty shall be to select at least two (2) candidates, wherever possible, from eligible membership for each office to be filled at he annual election and to present a list of candidates at the September meeting, at which time further nominations may be received from the floor.

B. Nominees shall give verbal acceptance from the floor or a written acceptance from each nominee shall be presented at the time of nominations.

C. Sticker candidates will not be recognized.

D. No further nominations will be accepted following the close of the September meeting.

E. The Nominating Committee and the Membership Chairperson shall manage the entire election process. It shall be their responsibility to check the eligibility of all candidates.

F. The Nominating Committee and Membership Chairperson shall be responsible for the care and security of all ballots and the ballot box. The counting of all ballots shall be done by the Nominating Committee and the Membership Chairperson.

G. No individual(s) but a member of the Nominating Committee and/ or the Membership Chairperson shall sit at the ballot box location at any time.

H. No individual member who is a candidate for elected office may serve on the Nominating Committee. Should the Membership Chairperson be a candidate then the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee shall be in charge of the election and all its processes. However, if the Chairperson of the Membership Committee is unopposed then this shall not apply.

I. Prior to the counting of ballots the President shall appoint two (2) full, voting members to serve as witnesses to the counting process. After the announcement of the outcome of each position the President shall order that the recording Secretary to take charge of all ballots and that they shall be kept secured by the Secretary for a period of one (1) year. A summary of the final votes shall be permanently kept by the Secretary and shall document the individual candidates and the number of votes each received.

Section 7 - Duties of Officers

A. Duties of All Officers:

1. During the period between the Election Day and the December meeting, all outgoing officers shall meet with their replacements and provide operational information and guidance, including but not limited to, all documents in their possession, all records, account information, contracts, and any and all other information pertinent to their position.
2. All outgoing officers shall provide a manual, in writing, describing all mandatory duties and legal paperwork that shall be passed on to the newly elected incoming officer to their position. Such manual will be the latest version which will include any changes or modifications made during their term of office. The manual shall include all contact information, quotes, and/or invoices used or received by the officer.


A. The President shall preside at all meetings of The Association and meetings of the Board of Directors.

B. The President and Recording Secretary and/or Treasurer, as applicable, shall sign all contracts accepted by The Association.

C. The President shall be manager of the bar and authorize all purchases for the normal operation of the bar. However, the President may opt out of this responsibility by appointing another individual as bar manager. This appointment shall be subject to a majority approval of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to remove the appointed bar manager, by a majority vote, if it is determined that the appointed individual is not fulfilling his/her duties in the best interest of the Association. The President and/or the appointed bar manager may authorize all purchases for the normal operation of the Club bars.

D. The President shall authorize all maintenance and repairs to bar equipment. Equipment replacement or the purchase of new equipment will require the approval of the Board of Directors.

E. The President shall appoint all committee chairpersons except the chairperson of the Nominating Committee.

F. The President shall appoint special committees as are deemed necessary for the good of The Association.

G. The President shall be responsible for the enforcement of the By-Laws and all rules and regulations of The Association.

H. The President shall be a member of the Board of Directors with full voting privileges for a period of one (1) year following his/her retirement from office.

I. The President shall have the authority, in an emergency situation, to place new oral directives, orders or regulations into effect for the good of the Association. Any oral directive, order or regulation put into effect under this section must be reduced to writing as soon as possible. Such directives, orders or regulations must be approved by the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Association. Approved “orders” shall become part of the Association’s standing rules unless adopted as a by-law.

Vice President

A. The Vice-President shall assist the President in the discharge of his/her duties.

B. In the absence or inability of the President to act, to be decided by the Board of Directors, the Vice-President shall assume the President’s duties and be vested with all the powers of the President.

C. The Vice-President shall assume chairmanship of the program committee.


A. The Treasurer shall manage all Association funds, securities, and legal documents.

B. The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all monies in the name of The Association in such banks as the Board of Directors may designate.

C. The Treasurer shall disperse such funds as authorized by the Board of Directors and/or the main body.

D. The Treasurer shall keep a permanent, accurate record of all receipts and expenditures.

E. The Treasurer shall, at each regular meeting, submit an itemized account of all receipts and expenditures covering previous months

F. The Treasurer shall compile all information necessary for preparation of all local, state, and federal tax forms as required by law.

G. The Treasurer and the President and/or the Recording Secretary, as applicable, shall sign all contracts approved by The Association.

H. The Treasurer shall be bonded at the expense of The Association for an amount set forth by the Board of Directors.

I. The Treasurer may authorize purchases up to two-hundred dollars ($200.00) for on-going, necessary or unexpected Club expenditures including, but not limited to Committee expenses, officer supplies, bar supplies, etc. Any such expenditures will be brought up at the next regular, monthly meeting.

Recording Secretary

A. The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Association and Board of Directors and Executive Board meetings.

B. The Recording Secretary shall conduct all Association correspondence.

C. The Recording Secretary shall keep a permanent file of all minutes and outgoing correspondence.

D. The Recording Secretary and the President and/or Treasurer, as applicable, shall sign contracts approved by The Association.

E. The Recording Secretary will be responsible for all Association records and/or documents and the filing of them with all other records and/or documents to be on The Association premises.

Membership Chairperson:

A. The Membership Chairperson shall process all membership applications, collect all Association fees and dues, and turn the same over to the Treasurer.

B. The Membership Chairperson shall keep a record of all paid members.

C. The Membership Chairperson shall provide the President of The Association with a current membership file.

D. The Membership Chairperson will issue keycards each year to members renewing their dues within 21 days of payment of current dues.

E. The Membership Chairperson will keep a record of all members attending the Board of Directors and General meetings.

NRA/GOAL, M.C.L. Chairperson:

The NRA/GOAL, M.C.L. Chairperson shall keep abreast of, to the best of his/her ability, any and all rules, regulations, policies and activities and report to the Board of Directors and General Membership such information as may be beneficial to The Association.

W.C.S.L. – Worcester County Sportsmen’s League Chairperson:

The WORCESTER COUNTY SPORTSMEN’S LEAGUE chairperson shall keep abreast of, to the best of his/her ability, any and all rules, regulations, policies and activities and report to the Board of Directors and General Membership such information as may be beneficial to The Association.

Five Elected Members of the Executive Board:

A. The five (5) elected members to the Executive Board shall also be further referred to as members of the Board of Directors.

B. The Executive Board has individual responsibility of being thoroughly acquainted with the purposes, objectives, by-laws, standing rules, rules of procedure, and parliamentary authority of The Association. It is their responsibility to act in the best interest of The Association at all times.

C. The Executive Board shall act as an advisory committee on matters, which do not come under routine business except where otherwise provided within. The Executive Board shall have authority over all legal matters, such as, but not limited to the following:

1. Misuse of office and/or authority by officers or other members of the Association
2. Misappropriation and/or mishandling of all Association funds;
3. Theft of Association funds and/or property;
4. All accidents on Club property whether involving members or non-members;
5. Damage to any Club property and/or premises;
6. Act as judicial authority representing the Club and its membership to the best of - their ability at all times, and;
7. All matters relative to the disciplinary actions taken against all members;
8. Act on any other issue as may be deemed necessary by the membership. and;
9. Act, with full authority, as the audit committee, to conduct audits on all elected positions’, accounts, all committee chairpersons’ accounts, all business accounts, and any and all other persons or committees having any control over any “Club” or Association monies.

D. The Executive Board shall elect a chairperson by vote of the Board itself. That chairperson shall serve for one (1) year. A chairperson may serve two (2) consecutive terms with the unanimous approval of the Board. However, no individual may serve more than two (2) consecutive years as chairperson

E. The outgoing chairperson shall act as the vice-chairman of the executive board during the first year after his/her chairmanship. He/she shall assist the chairman and advise on the proper and reasonable activities of the Board. The vice-chairman shall act as the chair of the Board in the absence of the chairman. Should the outgoing chair not wish to serve as vice-chair then the new chairperson shall appoint any E-Board member as vice-chair.

F. Should a current chairman be voted to a second term he/she may name any member of the Board, with at least one (1) year of service, as vice-chairman or name the previous year’s Vice Chairman to retain that position.


Chairpersons of standing committees shall be appointed by the President for the following: Archery, Legislature, Public Relations, Range Manager, Pistol, Senior Rifle, Fish, Property, Junior Rifle, Newsletter, and Bylaw.


Section 1 - Membership

The elected officers, chairpersons of the standing committees and elected delegates shall constitute the Board of Directors of The Association.

Section 2 - Duties and Responsibilities

A. The Board of Directors shall guide the affairs of The Association. All actions taken by the Board of Directors shall be subject to ratification of The Association on matters pertaining to Association policies and the expenditure of sums of money in excess of two hundred dollars ($200.00) not of an emergency nature. The Board of Directors to submit a written recommendation to the main body for their approval or disapproval.

B. All money appropriations or obligations binding upon The Association or its facilities must be presented to a regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting as new business or for the good of The Association. A record of the vote for approval/disapproval of this action will presented to the body of the next regular meeting of The Association for adoption.

C. When a decision is necessary and time does not permit the calling of a special meeting of The Association, the Board of Directors shall make the final decision.

D. When a vacancy occurs for an elected Board of Directors position, the Board of Directors shall identify a full voting member, in good standing, to fill that vacancy until the next schedule Association election. A 2/3 vote of those present shall be necessary for that individual to assume the office. After the election the individual chosen shall serve only to the end of the term of the individual he/she has replaced.

E. Any elected Board of Directors member who is absent from two consecutive Board of Directors meetings and not offering a satisfactory explanation for his /her absence shall be requested in writing to appear at the next Board of Directors meeting prepared to give a satisfactory explanation for said absence or tender his/her resignation from the Board of Directors. Non-compliance with the above order will be deemed a resignation.

Section 3 - Board of Directors Membership

The Board of Directors will comprise of members as outlined in Section 1 of this ARTICLE and in addition will enjoin all regular (not special) committee chairmen as appointed by the President.


Section 1 - Meetings

A. Regular meetings of The Association shall be held the fourth Tuesday of every month between the hours of 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. unless otherwise directed by the President. Association meetings and Board of Directors meetings shall generally be a combined meeting. The purpose of this combined meeting would be to reduce duplication of effort, reporting, increase understanding and use of available time. The President shall be responsible for holding a minimum of 4 quarterly Board of Director’s Meetings during any calendar year. Any three (3) members of the Board of Directors may request a Board of Directors meeting through the President at any time to discuss or attend to emergency or other urgent needs of the Association.

B. Should any meeting be discontinued without completing the evenings business that business shall be concluded at the next regular Association meeting under the order of old business, unfinished business. This section shall also apply to any unfinished business related to the activities of the Board of Directors.

C. Executive Board meetings of The Association shall be held the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise directed by the Chairperson of that Board. The President of the Association may request to meet with the Executive Board at any time with a prior notice of three (3) days. The general membership may attend the regular meeting of the Executive Board as an inactive participant unless invited by an elected executive board member for a specific order of business. Exceptions to general membership attendance shall be personnel investigations or other specific, personal topics as determined by the Chairperson of the Board or requested by any member of the Board.

D. Special meetings of The Association may be called by the President or at the request of a majority of the Board of Directors or on written request of ten (10) members in good standing. All members shall be notified at least five (5) days prior to such meetings.

E. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President or at the written request of any member in good standing. All Board of Directors members shall be notified at least 48 hours prior to such meetings. Meetings requested by a member in Good Standing will be held within 14 days of receipt of the written request.

F. The annual meeting of The Association shall be held on the fourth Tuesday in October at 6:30 p.m. unless otherwise directed by the President. Due notice of this meeting shall be sent to all members at least five (5) days before such meeting. It shall be the President’s responsibility to make such notification.

Section 2 - Quorum

A. A quorum for all regular meetings of The Association shall be fifteen (15) Voting members in good standing, three (3) of which must be elected officers.

B. A quorum for a Board of Directors meeting shall be a majority of Board of Directors members combined with a majority of the total Executive Board members.

C. A quorum for an Executive Board meeting shall be a majority of the Executive Board.


  • Call to order
  • Moment of silence
  • Reading of the minutes of the last regular meeting
  • Correspondence
  • Membership report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Executive Board report
  • Delegate report
  • Standing Committee reports
  • Special Committee reports
  • Unfinished business
  • New Business
  • Good of The Association
  • At the request of the President any or all reports shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary.


Removal from office shall be as outlined in Robert Rules of Order, Revised.


Section 1 - Suspension-Expulsion

A. Any individual whose behavior is detrimental to the good to The Association shall be subject to reprimand, suspension or expulsion. In such instance, as required, the Executive Board shall initiate an investigation and meet in special session to review the results of the investigation. Individual shall include all members, guests, and/or visitor.

B. The accused individual may be requested, in writing, by the Recording Secretary to be present before a closed session of the Executive Board to speak in his/her own behalf. The Recording Secretary shall include in his/her request a complete description of the complaint. Failure by the individual to comply with such a request shall constitute causes for suspension or expulsion.

C. The Executive Board shall render their findings and disposition after a full and complete investigation, analysis and review of all the pertinent facts and information regarding the complaint or incident.

D. If, after reviewing its findings, the Executive Board deems it is necessary to hear further information and/or evidence before disposition, they may call for a special meeting to interview additional witnesses for or against the accused individual. The accused may be present at that meeting.

E. A quorum at such meetings shall be at least a majority of the Executive Board. Said quorum shall not include any member of the Board who may be the focus of the allegation(s) and/or investigation or whose family member, spouse or significant other is the focus of said investigation. Any such member shall rescue himself/herself from said hearing.

F. When testimony is completed the accused and any witness shall be excused from the meeting. The Executive Board shall, after careful consideration determine the appropriate action to be taken. If the accused is on the Executive Board he/she will retire as well from the meeting and shall not render a vote in the issue.

G. The accused member shall be notified, in writing, of the Executive Board decision and any disciplinary action, should it be required. Said notification shall be within 10 working days of the completion of the hearing and findings of the Board.

H. The accused may, after written notification of the Executive Board decision, appeal such finding and/or disposition, within five (5) days, to the Association Board of Directors. A letter written to the Recording Secretary requesting such an appeal hearing shall suffice. The secretary shall notify the Executive Board of the request and the Executive Board shall make a full and complete disclosure, of all evidence and/or information, to the Board of Directors. The accused may be present at said disclosure and may be allowed to speak to the Board of Directors on his/her own behalf. Such hearing shall take place at the first regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting after the appeal is received. A majority vote of the members of the Board of Directors present will suffice to either uphold or overturn the decision of the Executive Board. Said decision shall be final.

I. Any individual expelled from the Association may not reapply for membership within the same calendar year as the offense. Re-application may not be considered more than once in any calendar year. Requests for membership reconsideration must be presented to the Executive Board. In order for any request to be acted upon, at least three (3) members of the Executive Board must be present. The E-Board will report its action to the Board of Directors.

J. When rendering a decision for expulsion the E-Board shall identify the number of days the expulsion shall include. The expulsion shall begin at the time of the decision and the individual may not reapply for membership until the day after of the last day of expulsion.


Section 1 - Archery Committee

The duties of the Archery Committee shall be to provide and maintain suitable ranges and equipment; provide and enforce archery safety rules and conduct classes of instruction. These classes shall include:

  • Woods, Field and Range Safety
  • Care and Maintenance of Archery Equipment
  • Sportsmanship
  • Marksmanship

Section 2 - Auditing Committee

A. The duties of the Audit Committee shall be to audit, at least once yearly, the books of the Treasurer, Membership Chairperson, and any other fund raising committee.

B. The Audit Committee shall make a quarterly audit of the bar and bar supplies. A report shall be made to the membership at the next regular meeting following the audit.

C. The Audit Committee may seek auditing expertise outside of the Five Elected Members to the Board of Directors (aka The Executive Board), with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 3 - Fish Committee

A. The Fish Committee shall be responsible for the stocking and propagation of fish as approved by the membership.

B. The Fish Committee shall be responsible for the maintenance of all Club ponds and attendant facilities.

C. The Fish Committee shall provide and enforce safety rules and regulations governing the use of the ponds and attendant areas.

Section 4 - Newsletter Committee

A. The Newsletter Committee shall be responsible for periodic newsletters to the members of the Association.

B. The newsletter will be a collection of member interested information and club event schedules along with other information for the benefit of the Association.

C. The chairman shall cause this newsletter to be available by the means (printed mail or website accessed) as determined at Executive Board or regular monthly meetings of the membership.

Section 5 Range Manager – (Overall Chairperson of all firearms ranges)

A. The range manager shall be appointed by the Club President (Position may be filled by any one of the existing chairpersons within the firearms committees);

B. The range manager shall possess an overall understanding of firearms, safety rules and regulations, local, state and federal laws governing the operation of ranges as well as a full understanding of the Marlborough Fish & Game Association Bylaws and standing rules.

C. The range manager shall have authority over all firearms ranges, indoors and outdoors and shall be responsible for their maintenance, repair and proper upkeep.

D. The range manager shall work closely with the chairpersons of the pistol, senior rifle and junior rifle committees to promote clean, groomed ranges as well as maintaining safe equipment, backstops, structures and usage.

E. The range manager shall be responsible for coordinating any work, repairs or building that takes place on any firearms range. The needs of any committee chairperson shall be provided to the range manager. It shall be the responsibility of the range manager to meet with the Club President regarding any range improvements and repairs. Authorization of any work, repairs or new construction shall be approved only by the general meeting.

F. The Executive Board shall have authority over any violations of this section or of any rules, regulations, bylaws or laws of any state or governmental entity violated under this section.

Section 6 Pistol, Sr. Rifle and Jr. Rifle Committees

A. Each Committee shall provide and maintain respectively suitable pistol and rifle ranges and equipment, provide and enforce pistol safety rules and conduct classes in instruction. The classes shall include:

  • Woods, Field and Range Safety
  • Care and Maintenance of Firearms Equipment
  • Sportsmanship
  • Marksmanship

B. Range use and conduct thereon shall be in strict conformance to NRA range rules and Regulations.

Section 7 - Program Committee

A. The Program Committee shall be responsible for all social functions under the control of a standing committee.

B. This committee shall, with The Association vice-president, maintain a calendar of events. This calendar shall include standing committee events and special events for which the Club facilities may be used.

C. The program committee shall delegate the chairmanship of scheduled events to responsible subcommittees.

Section 8 - Property Committee

A. The Property Committee shall be responsible for the care and maintenance of all club property and equipment not under the direct control of a standing committee.

B. The committee shall make a monthly inspection of all club facilities and report on the condition of such facilities at each Board of Directors meeting.

C. The Property Committee, at the discretion of the President and Property Chairperson, may be divided into two subcommittees; one subcommittee to be responsible for the care and maintenance of the grounds and the other subcommittee to be responsible for the care of the main building and its contents.

D. Each subcommittee chairperson shall be responsible to the Property Committee chairperson who in turn shall report to the Board of Directors.

Sections 9 - Public Relations and Historical Committee

A. The Public Relations Committee shall, with the cooperation of other committee chairmen, arrange for the release of all Association publicity to press, radio and television.

B. This committee shall arrange for all public relations activities deemed beneficial to The Association and approved by the Board of Directors or The Association.

C. This Committee shall maintain a current historical record of The Association events. This record is to be maintained on a yearly basis with each annual volume separately bound and presented to the Recording Secretary for filing.

Section 10 - Bylaw Committee

A. The Bylaw committee shall keep record of any available past bylaws including any available amendments that were brought up to the body of the Association annually in the past.

B. The Bylaw Committee Chairperson will place a notice on the Association bulletin board, in the first week of December, indicating amendments can be submitted to the committee.

C. All amendments to the bylaws shall be forwarded to the chairperson of the committee by the 1st. day of February each calendar year. The chairperson shall schedule a meeting after the 1st. of February but before the 10th with the Bylaw Committee to discuss all possible amendments to the Bylaws.

D. All Bylaw Amendments shall be made ready, by the Chairman of the Committee, to be read at the February meeting of the Association as outlined in the BYLAW ARTICLE of his document.

Section 11 - Legislation Committee

A. The Legislation Committee shall be required to keep to the best of its ability abreast of all legislation pertinent to the interest of sportsmen, brought before the local, state and federal government.

B. This committee shall be responsible for promoting individual participation on notifying governmental representatives of member views.

C. This committee shall submit a monthly report to the Board of Directors and body, of legislation in process and action taken by this committee.

Section 12 - Club Representation

Only an authorized official of The Association will represent the Association in any public capacity.

Section 13 - Committee Records

At the end of any term of office, the records pertaining to that office will be turned over to The Recording Secretary of The Association for filing and shall remain on The Association premises.


A. The Rules of the Association shall comprise of a separate document posted on the Association bulletin board and otherwise made available to the general membership. The Rules of the Association shall incorporate the standing rules of each committee as well as rules for the association that have been voted upon by the body or Board of Directors for the well-being of the association. These rules will include past motions voted upon at both Board of Directors and Regular Meetings throughout the years as an association that govern the members conduct on the property of the association.

B. The Rules will also include rules brought up and voted upon during the regular course of both Board of Directors and Regular membership meetings that govern membership activities including hunting, shooting, archery, fishing and other activities on the Association property. Standing Rules may be changed, with prior review of The Board of Directors, by a majority vote at any regular full membership meeting and without a written notice to the membership.

C. If any violation, situation, incident and/or circumstance develops that is not covered by a particular article of the Association By-Laws or Association’s posted rules, the resolution shall be handled by the Executive Board in conjunction with the Club President and Vice- President. Their actions, finding and adjunction shall be final.

D. If any violation, situation, incident and/or circumstance develops that is not covered by a particular article of the Association By-Laws or Association’s posted rules and is of an emergency nature, the Club President or in his/her absence the Vice President shall take the most immediate and reasonable action necessary to resolve that situation. Such action may be a verbal order to stop the activity, a written order to cease the questionable action or immediate referral to the Executive Board for action. Should the President and Vice President not be available then any elected member of the Board of Directors may take any action describe for the good of the Association.

E. The Association shall be governed by the Marlboro Fish and Game bylaws and follow guidelines provided in “Roberts Rules of Order”.

F. Standing rules will remain in effect indefinitely unless they are changed by the aforementioned means.


A. Amendments to the by-laws may be presented at the January business meeting for explanation.

B. Final amendments to the by-laws, in the proper format, will then be presented at the regular business meeting in February for discussion.

C. All proposals must be presented in the proper format as described below

a. First line - Article # and Title of Article
b. Second line - Section # and section title (if applicable)
c. Third line - (Old Wording) of old by-law
d. Fourth line - (New wording) of proposed by-law change

D. Copies of the previous year’s by-laws and all proposed changes will be available to all members attending the January, February, and March meetings

E. A list of the proposed changes is to be published in the March newsletter at least seven (7) days before the regular meeting. This list shall contain an exact description of all the changes and amendments.

F. The final amendments shall be read and voted on at the March general meeting. A brief explanation or description of how each bylaw would affect the Association, its members and/or its officers shall be explained before each new bylaw or change is voted on. A 2/3 vote of those voting members present is required to approve the new by-laws and/or amendments.

G. The new by-laws and/or amendments shall take effect April 1 of the same year.

H. At the April meeting the Chairperson of the by-law committee shall make a copy of the updated by-law revisions available to the membership.

I. There are cases or situations, of an emergency nature, or sections of the by-laws that need clarification and/or spelling and grammatical corrections each year. Any member of the Association may call such situation or topic to the attention of the President or the By- Law Chairperson, at any time, during the calendar year. If a change or clarification is deemed necessary by the By-Law committee, the chairperson shall notify the Board of Directors of such need. The change or correction shall be made and said correction published on the Club bulletin board and on its website. No corrections may be made that change the true or understood intent of any by-law without a vote of the membership at a regularly scheduled Association meeting.

BYLAWS AMMENDED 4/1/1995, 4/1/1996, 4/1/2002, 3/25/2003, 3/28/2006, 3/27/2007, 3/25/2008, 4/28/2009, 4/1/2010, 4/1/2011, 4/27/2012, 3/26/2013, 4/01/14, 04/01/15, 03/31/16, 04/01/17.